Championship Soccer (Windows PC)

In Championship Soccer, you take over the role of a player or manager of your home team. Lead your team to national and international success - or concentrate on your own career and hope to be discovered and signed by international top teams!

Championship Soccer is a remake of the classic football simulations where simply everything is possible!

Download the unrestricted full version of Championship Soccer Pro:

The Championship Soccer Pro full version is now available as free Windows PC download for all users.

The Championship Soccer classic football simulation sandbox PC game was developed in 2002/2003. Since it is not compatible to modern PCs natively, an additional tool called dgVoodoo2 is required to run the game in full speed on today's PCs:

Compatibility to modern PCs

dgVoodoo2 can be downloaded from For installation all files must be copied from the /ms/x86/ folder of the dgVoodoo2 file archive into the Championship Soccer program folder (only the files without the directories, so the dll files are directly in the Championship Soccer folder):

Afterwards, it will run fine with default settings, but the speed can be improved by setting:

  • In the tab DirectX disable mipmapping
  • Disable Voodoo watermark
  • You can also set to scale up resolution 2X to scale up the native resolution of 800x600 to 1600x1200

Without the installation of dgVoodoo2 you will notice several slow-downs such as a slow mouse pointer and slow menus. So this emulation tool is a must-have for newer PC systems with Windows 10 or later.

With this tool, the game runs quite decent on modern Nvidia and AMD graphics cards and Windows 10 or later installations.

Your support

If you enjoy the full version of Championship Soccer Pro, I'm happy for your optional, voluntary appreciation. Maybe one day there can be a successor?

Donate to developer adrastea GmbH & Co. KG (for-profit organization)

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  • A total of 1,140 teams with more than 30,000 unique players
  • Up to 12 divisions per country
  • Playable as on-position player, as entire team, as player manager and/or manager
  • Select your position (striker, midfield, defender) - even goalkeeper can be chosen
  • Transfers, scouting and youth teams
  • National and international championships with cup competitions
  • 18 dynamic player skills
  • Bans and injuries
  • Ratings for every player after the game
  • Found your own soccer team
  • Comprehensive editing possibilities
  • Supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Francais, German, Italiano, Polish, Portugues, Spanish, Suomi, Turkish

Recorded livestream

Watch Ted Meat's broadcast of Championship Soccer!

Watch Let's Play videos

Do you want to watch videos of the game before downloading it?

Find the entire playlist of Ted Meat's Let's Play series at YouTube.


Watch the livestreams of Ted Meat's Championship Soccer live broadcasts at Twitch!


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